Safely Teach A Dog To Swim

Some dog breeds have physical characteristics that make them natural swimmers. Others may have short legs or lopsided bodies, which may impede their ability to swim. Fortunately, just about any dog breed can learn how to swim. dog training that involves entering a natural or manmade body of water should include furnishing a dog with a life jacket and using some baiting techniques.

The Life Jacket

Animal life jackets are designed to support a maximum weight and body type. A life jacket that is designed for dogs of varying sizes may contain an adjustable closure that will allow a dog owner to provide their dog's jacket with a snug fit. A life jacket will not only prevent a dog's head from slipping under the water, but it will also provide an animal with a boost of confidence.

A life jacket can save a dog's life, especially if a dog falls overboard and is presented with choppy waters and a rough current. It is a good idea to use a life jacket during all training sessions that will take place in a body of water. Even after a dog has learned to swim, it is a wise choice to continue using a life jacket during all of the water activities that are going to be enjoyed with a dog.

Training Aids And Supervision

Training aids can include a ball, a frisbee, or a toy that is attached to a string. A toy that a dog enjoys playing with at home will be familiar to a dog and can coax a dog into the water. A dog owner should spend the initial training sessions in a pool or a natural body of water, right alongside their dog. They should use a firm tone when directing their dog to come into the water.

A dog should never be shoved into the water or dunked under the water. Using either of these actions could scare a dog and prevent them from ever gaining the confidence to swim that a dog owner may be seeking. Once a dog has entered the water, they may instinctively move their legs.

The life jacket will keep a dog's head safely above the water. A dog owner can stand in front of their dog, facing them. They should try to get their dog to follow their lead. If a dog responds as desired, a dog owner should praise them for their hard work.

Reach out to a dog swimming training company for more information.