Training Your Puppy To Follow Basic Commands

If you have a new puppy in your home, you are about to embark on a delightful experience as they become accustomed to your presence. Puppies require training so they follow basic commands like sit, stay, come, or lie down. These commands are important for their safety. Here are some tips to help you teach your puppy how to follow directions.

Keep Treats On-Hand When Training

The best way to train a puppy to follow your instructions is to reward them with treats when they perform desired actions. Keep small dog treats in your pocket so they are available when you decide to perform a training session. When you give a command and your puppy listens, provide them with a treat. If they fail to respond to your instructions, do not give them a treat at all. At the beginning of your training sessions, you may need to press upon your dog's back end to have it sit or bring its paws forward to have it lie down. If you show them the desired behavior and then give them words of encouragement and give them a treat afterward, they will soon understand the action you wish them to perform for each command given.

Make Sure To Train Often

A lot of new dog owners find it frustrating when their pet does not follow commands as quickly as they would like. It is important to keep up with training efforts each and every day. If you fail to provide training sessions, your dog may forget any previously learned positive behaviors. Set aside several minutes of the day where you can focus on training with your dog. Work on one command at a time rather than overwhelming your puppy with several different commands during a session. When your puppy masters a command, it is time to move on to another one.

Consider Signing Up For Classes

If you are not doing well with training your puppy on your own, dog training classes with a professional is an option to keep in mind. If you feel your puppy would be overwhelmed by other dogs in a class setting, opt for a personal trainer to come to your home instead. If you believe your dog needs socialization with other pets in the area, dog training classes with a group are beneficial. A dog training instructor will teach you the fundamentals needed to properly train your puppy in minimal time.

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