2 Tips For Choosing A Behavioral Training Program For Your Dog

After adopting a new dog into your family, you may have decided that you should sign them up for training. You may have noticed one or two bad behaviors you wish to correct, or you may wish to ensure that they are well-behaved and do not develop any.

If this is your first time signing a dog up for a training program, you may be uncertain as to which one you should use. If so, use the tips below to help you gather further information before choosing a behavioral training program for your family's new canine companion.

1. Sit In On A Training Session

Before making a decision about which program you should sign your dog up for, one thing you can do is request to sit in on a training session and observe the trainer as they work. While you are observing the trainer, make note of not only how they interact with the dogs but also how well they communicate with their owners.

 While training the dogs, the trainer should be able to give clear instructions to the owners on how to work with the animals at home to continue the lessons taught during each session. Ideally, the trainer should be able to give these instructions while conveying a warm, friendly atmosphere for both the dogs and their owners.

2. Find Out How They Train Specific Behavior

Another thing you can do to help you choose a behavioral program with your dog is to ask questions during and after the training session you are observing. Speak with the trainer one-on-one and ask them to give you a detailed account of how they work with a dog when training a specific, simple behavior, such as getting them to sit on command.

As they describe their training method, make note as to whether they use positive reinforcement to encourage the right behavior. Such methods such as reward-based or clicker training create a positive atmosphere that encourages training while keeping your dog engaged

Whether you want your dog trained to be well-behaved or need to correct bad behavior, sitting in on a training session allows you to determine whether the trainer has good, positive communication skills with both the animals and their owners. During or after the session, you can also have them describe to you how they train a simple behavior to dogs to get a sense as to the style they use.

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